Grand Master Kim

Grand master kim

Grand master Kim is a 9th dan black belt with well-over 50 years of experience. Since 1978, he strives to build a method to communicate his philosophy on a global scale. Students strive to emulate his philosophy, his teachings truly embody the love and compassion he fosters for his students and goes beyond the normal scope of an instructor.


Today, Kim’s Taekwondo is a community of 70 international schools that are utilized as tools to assimilate the tenets of Taekwondo practitioners around the world. Throughout the years since Grand Master Kim has molded many Canadian champions and Pan am medalists. His teachings have reached places beyond the competitive world such as the Canadian troops at The Royal Military College Saint-Jean and members of the Montreal police. 


Thus, Taekwondo should not be viewed only as a method of physical exercise but also as a philosophy. To nurture the proper values and principles of life are the fundamental foundation of Taekwondo, prevailing to make the world more peaceful. 

Grand Master Keun Ha Kim of Taekwondo in Montreal, Canada
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Years Experienced


The Order of Civil Merit Medal

Awarded by the President of South Korea for "outstanding meritorious services in the area of politics, economy, society, education, art or science in the interest of improving citizens' welfare and promoting national development."

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Awarded for providing a significant contribution to international affairs between South Korea and Canada as ex-President and current Chairman of the federation of Korean-Canadian associations. And also for showing leadership in the Canadian Taekwondo community.


The last 50 years

Devoted to make change

Grand master Kim has maneuvered many routes to advocate his hope to make the world a better place. His political career as the president of the Federation of Korean Canadian associations as well as the chairman of the World Korean Community Leaders Convention has led him to convey Korean culture across the globe. As a representative of Korean communities, his first hand experience has engaged many foreigners to recognize the beauty of a country built on the values of peace and respect.

Grand Master Keun Ha Kim and Stephen Harper at Kim's Taekwondo in Montreal

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