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Taekwondo in Montreal since 1978

A legacy of Taekwondo in Canada for 50 years

Kim’s Taekwondo has been a key factor in our journey to instigate foreign communities to learn and understand the proper teachings of Taekwondo. With the help of our 75 branch schools around the world, we are proud that our organization has become a staple in the world of Taekwondo for its rigorous training program and ethical teaching methods. 


The determining factor to a successful program is the function of equilibrium. In other words, to generate athletes with a high rate of success requires the balance between physical, mental and social health. The idea to spawn a community within our schools and implementing the proper programs within this setting creates an environment for our students to strive.

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Two Generations Of Teaching

A Taekwondo Family

Like father like son, we are a Taekwondo family. Since a young age, I've learned Taekwondo under the guidance of my father. Today, I have very big shoes to fill to uphold my father's legacy. Thankfully, with my father's help, I strive to curate the perfect teaching method for our students. As my father always says "Excellence is our standard".

Grand Master Keun Ha Kim and Master Kim of Taekwondo in Montreal

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