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What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean art of self-defense which has been developing for over 20 centuries. The literal translation of the terms from Korean to English define the art simply but clearly. “Tae” means “kicking, “Kwon” means “punching” and “Do” means “discipline”.

Taekwondo is not only a method of physical conditioning but also a philosophy, mental discipline, concentration, respect, patience and self-control are developed.


Since the opening of Kim’s Taekwondo in 1978, Grand Master Kim has expanded the legacy of Kim’s Taekwondo to 75 branch schools around the world(i.e Greece, Mexico, USA, Morocco, etc.) . Kim’s Taekwondo has the largest community of branch schools than any other in Canada.

In 2008 at the Beijing summer Olympics, Karine Sergerie who had trained with Grand Master Kim since a young age obtained a silver medal. Kim’s Taekwondo still holds the best result by a Canadian athlete in Olympic Taekwondo history.